About us

Our adventure, which started at the beginning of 2014, makes a difference in everything we do with passion.
the flavor that creates and does not compromise on its values while doing all these. cookies, in a 600 m2 facility in our province of Izmir, at superior standards in Turkey also serves the market. In this short period of time, it is natural with the additive-free mini snack cookies it produces for both service and With its availability, the bakery products sector also targets in a short time. approaching the markets step by step.

As a woman entrepreneur, we prepared by our mothers with our expert staff and conscious staff. Additive-free and natural snack cookies with cookie flavor we are producing. None of our products contain glucose, sweetener, consistency. There are no enhancers or additives. All our products are sugar. We use sugar produced from beet. produced in the Turkish market We use the best quality auxiliary raw materials.